Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun performs for children who defected from the North

Kim Hyung Joon recently performed for children who defected from the North.
Kim, who is keeping busy in Korea and Japan as a singer and actor, attended an event, which was held on November 14 by the National Assembly Scout Federation and gave meaningful performances.
Comedian Shim Hyun Seop emceed the event and well known Korean classical singer Kim Min Sook, international Lee Won Gook Ballet Company, and choir The Harmony appeared at the event for the youth.
Kim performed his songs “Let Me Be The One” and “Because I’m Stupid” and received an explosive response from the audience.
Kim accepted the offer that he received from the the National Assembly Scout Federation and appeared at the event to do good deed.
Kim tweeted, “I have many chances to do good deeds these days. I’m happy that I can help people around! I hope that my performances comforted the children who defected from the North.”
Kim, who released his second solo Escape, is currently keeping busy in Japan as a Hallyu star.

Source : TV Report



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