Monday, October 1, 2012

Park Jung Min received SMS from KyuJong, SS501 activities after KyuJong enlist

"When I receive a message KyuJong in the morning, my feelings changed."

Park Jung Min's comeback as 'ROMEO' in Japan revealed a conversation via SMS by KyuJong, who is currently serving the country.

On 29 September, after Park Jung Min resolve "ROMEO CONTACT" at Live House Liquid Room Tokyo, he spoke with reporters, smiled, and said, "Not long ago KyuJong sending SMS me at 8 am., And I immediately replied 'What are you doing now? ', and then after work, I received a reply KyuJong' still working '. situation is really special to me. "

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong in the military on July 23, and after four weeks of training at the Military Training Center Jeonju, now he is a public duty. Regarding JungMin own plans for the draft, he said "Now I have a plan in Korea and abroad. So maybe I'll go after all the planning is complete."

Regarding the topic of whether the SS501 can be together again, he said: "Because we have not broken up, so we always had a feeling of wanting to reunite for comeback again." She continued, "Before Kyu Jong draftee, I met all the members once, but now that he's in the military, and the members are clashing schedules, it's hard for us to comeback together now" he replied cautiously.




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