Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun greets Japanese fans for the drama 'Late Blossom'

Actor and singer group SS501 Kim Hyung-jun took part in the premium preview drama "Late Blossom", in which she plays one of the characters, which was held at the Japan Education Center, Tokyo on December 2.

He greeted the audience at the entrance of the venue. On stage, he said, "As an entertainer, I'm always willing to approach you. I wait to stand in front of you."

He continued, "Upon completion of this drama, I started filming" Actor is actor ", directed by Kim Ki-duck. I will do my best to be an actor Kim Hyung-jun and ask for your support."

In "Late Blossom" is now broadcast KNTV and gained high popularity in Japan, he said, "Lee Soon-jae, who played well in a heartwarming love story between an elderly couple, is a veteran actor known in Korea. I learned a lot from him. He says the most important thing is to give love. "

He praised his partner Kim Yoon Seo in the drama, "She is very attractive and makes her partner look with ease."

He said, "I look at a lot of romance drama. In the future I want to appear as other characters such as the killer. I wanted to act both in Korea and in Japan any genre."

Kim said, "Please give your support for the 'Late Blossom' till the end. I hope you have a warm and sunny day like this drama."

According to the official fan-club website Kim Hyung Jun (, premium Japanese tour will be held eight times including Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka until December 10.

Source: KBS



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