Sunday, September 15, 2013

SS501's Signatures Meaning

Kim Hyun Joong :
Signatures such as cursive China , force a decisive final streak . Showed Kim Hyun Joong is a procrastinator who won't delay a work and firmly . All should be completed soon and fast . Completed once the overall signature squiggle . There is no pause on the signature showed himself very dedicated to his job . One side showed as though he later checked his appearance , but the other shows his determination , do not give up despite the fatigue .
Although his signatureis cursive but stable . It symbolizes he really fit to be leader of the group SS501 . Can lead to the firm despite the chaotic situation . Addition of a heart shape on the bottom of the signature , although he showed a successful solo career , he remained loyal and appreciative friendship with his group .

Heo Young Saeng :
Signature squiggle and a flat circle , showing his humility . He did not expect to be a winner . He just wanted to give you the best . This is not a weakness , but shows a good-hearted man and did not like to make people burdened with his presence . The most elaborate of his signature is a central part , this section shows a very detailed mind , caring and concern for others .
Fitting himself to be a mediator in the group . Neutral position may be intermediaries and reduce disputes . No symbol circle distance and the words , show him love keeping secrets , can attract many people's attention . Women will fall in love with him without knowing it . This is the appeal of the ' deadly ' majority owned by women , and only a small percentage of men.

Kim Kyu Jong :
Kyu Jong's signature use circles around his name , and leave distance at the top . Circle demonstrate high expectations for himself . He will not open up easily . And small distances mean after getting to know him , then he will receive with the familiar . Signatures that have the group name in it , expressed confidence the group SS501 . In all, the circle in the signature confirms his expectations are high for a variety of things , including the small things in life . It shows she always reminds herself to be more advanced . The language is clear , showing Kyu Jong is a man who likes to challenge himself and obviously will know hwat he does

Park Jung Min :
His signature smooth , neat , and clearly shows he is a man who does not like falsehood , and expect people to immediately memahaminya.keseluruhan , signature simple and normal as other signature , but it does not mean he is not creative , even suggests he is an artist talented . There are many things that are awesome and ridiculous in him . He has personality wise . Shows a clear signature graffiti wherever he is , he will face something in earnest . He knows how to create an atmosphere suitable local conditions .
Shining heart picture shows her childish . Although an adult , he knows how to be a good little boy in the hearts of all people .

Kim Hyung Joon :
Hyung Joon's signature simple and straight . If he was born in the old days , he would be a soldier who uphold the values ​​of truth . With a single stroke with a small circle , showing that even though he's a reckless but be careful on things that are important . Small circles indicate that his mind is not arbitrary .
Lines are parallel and straight , showing her dislike with a variety of tricks / deception . He prefers to solve problems with open . Maybe other people cheat , he will deal with it honestly .
Got a thoughtful person , Kim Hyung Joon tend to prefer something bigger and not smaller details . if he had agreed and decided , he would consistently defend and will not turn away .



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