Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heo Young Saeng "SS501" Military in Late October

Climate change of the entertainment world seems to make a lot of celebrities who didn't hesitate to enter military quickly.
One more celebrity who decided to go military, Heo Young Saeng "SS501". Heo Young Saeng will certainly draftee official end of October.

Official homepage Heo Young Saeng, Oct. 3 reported the news. "This is B2M Entertainment. Conscription date Heo Young Saeng was inaugurated. We told them that during this wonder," they wrote.

According to B2M Entertainmenta, Heo Young Saeng going in the right draftee October 31 at 2 pm, in the Korean Nonsan Army Training Center. To TV Daily, the agency said Heo Young Saeng will indeed serve in the military police units.

"He received an official call in July and has been preparing since got the call," said B2M Entertainment. Heo Young Saeng SS501 will be personnel both incoming draftee. Previously Kim Kyu Jong had already been undergoing service.




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