Saturday, April 28, 2012

The facts of SS501 with TRIPLE S (I'm Proud to be Triple'S)

1. One time, a fan who was pregnant and carrying children aged 4 months, was among the crowd of people who are standing, and when Young Saeng saw it, he realized that it is not easy for her to stand there among the fans. She asked security to escort the woman to a safer place, namely to one of the VIP seats!
2. There is a fan of the security argument. The causes, fans are taking pictures with personal cameras / phones are not allowed.However, fans still take pictures of SS501, who was on stage and security came to him and slammed the phone fans. Jung Min buy a new phone for the fans, and fans are mentioning that the phone is given Jung Min's better than ever and he became silent.
3. During their concert in Thailand, there are fans who underwent a kidney transplant and are eager to meet with SS501. Because there are some complications with his kidneys, a friend of fans are writing a letter to the leader about his desire and gave it to Kyu Jong Kyu Jong and help to deliver the letter to the leader. Leader reads the letter and send a gift for the fans.
4. When the blame for throwing Triple S lightstick to SNSD during their performance, and Jung Min Leader defend merea fans and said, "Green is a color, it can represent any color, so do not blame our fans because they share a love for all the artists and their respect even for those artists who do not like. "
5. On Young Street Radio broadcast, Jung Min and Kyu Jong said that they would buy food for their fans who were waiting outside the station. They really get it.
6. When SS501 choked busy working to prepare themselves in the performance the next day at Music Bank, a group of fans outside the heavy rain and did not care, SS501 tries to search for something to cover up their fans not to rain.
7. When the 2006 MKMF there are some members of triple S is not able to enter the stadium because of the security team, the leader then spoke angrily said, "The weather is very cold, why do you guys (security team) continually allow our fans do not come in?"
8. Leaders have always said that the letters are genuine and beautiful made by fans more meaningful and more expensive than the materials are expensive.
9. Young Saeng liked to call his fans as 'babies' it from time to time, Kyu Jong and their fans call 'pretties'.
10. Some fans waited in front of Baby June until the middle of the night and when the last bus had passed. Baby June was worried that when it's really not safe for fans to come home late at night so he took them to the sauna is open all night.
11. When SS501 is given a letter by a fan who asked if they could come to a birthday party for him-18, SS501 sent a letter and a big cake and apologized to him and also sent a video where they sing 'Happy Birthday' as well as 4 of their songs. They also do a dance while singing. SS501'm sorry I could not come due to their schedules.Our loving and caring, leader post this last year where he also said "I have told this to you before, right?" I'll protect you all.
12. SS501 spend their time with their fans during the Jeju island.They give it as a gift to the fans and they also spend a night with their fans.When someone asked the leader about what they want as a gift from the fans, he said that "The things that we want, namely that fans do not need to buy us gifts because we'll buy it myself"
13. Prince Young Saeng said that when he prayed at night, he always asked God to protect the fans. Kyu Jong said that it is true, because he had seen several times and always looked at Young Saeng as he prayed.
14. Jung Min and Kyu Jong heard that one of their fans are not able to continue his studies because of cost constraints. Two deal then they collect their money and to pay tuition fees for the fans.
15. When a fan was crying in the signature event of SS501 and after shaking hands with Baby Jun, and Baby June's fans stood up and helped remove tear.
16. MKMF conducted a poll over the phone, Jung Min said that they (SS501) does not require the award and told the fans that they are not wasting their money to vote.
17. Leader saying that Triple S is not a task to protect them, but instead it is the duty of SS501 to protect their fans.

*REALLY!! I'm very proud to be TRIPLE'S^^ SARANGHAEYO~♥*



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