Monday, April 16, 2012

Other SS501's Facts (Kim Kyu Jong)

1. kyu jong always sleep with a big teddy bear.2. because kyu jong brasal of Jeonju, he could only ditemukann pigeons at the zoo, but the time to Seoul, he was shocked to see a lot of pigeons in the streets.3. Kyu Jong barely able to join because of his appearance but SS501 Jung Min helped.4. time trainees, kyu jong allowed to stay in an office every night, because the office was often a blackout, kyu jong always slept with a candle so bright and warm.5. time trainees, kyu jong oppa hear if he will be out of SS501, because she often makes mistakes, and one trainee teacher also said that she would not be able to make kyu jong be a singer, so kyu jong to go home. However, other members of SS501 held kyu jong kyu jong and told me to do it. (Kyu jong oppa time of this story at SUKIRA, jung min says, "He was a hard worker friend, so I thought I would be lonely without him.)6. according to jung min, kyu jong has never been angry at all.none of the members of SS501 can membiacarakan bad thing about kyu jong, even when they are really trying ..7. Kyu Jong is actually quiet, but while in Japan only she and min jung smooth nahasa Japanese, so he had much to say. And the trait was carried to return to Korea.8. Kyu Jong has a fish who was named Young Saeng.9. Kyu Jong rather go open your mouth when feeding people.10. Kyu Jong has always leaned on everyone.11. In addition to Young Saeng, Kyu Jong is also shy.12. When you wake up, Kyu Jong will not know who the people around him even though he knew13. Kyu Jong dudlu scared by a dog (but now passable)14. kyu jong love with one of the personnel wonder girls, kim yoo bin.15. Kyu Jong liked to call himself 'center' because it is located at number 3 in the SS50116. He moved to Seoul to realize his dream of becoming a singer17. one room with Hyun Joong of SS501 at the dorm. Maybe that's what caused him to change from a shy young man become a cheeky boy18. Very charming and good-hearted19. Very close to his family



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