Monday, April 16, 2012

Other SS501's Facts (Heo Young Saeng)

1. When the first bath he's limbs are flush his body. n the first onehe made when I wake up to drink water, then breakfast with cheeseand milk.
2. Of all the members of SS501 he who has the highest voice shrilleven look like a girl .. But his voice was too soft.
3. Young Saeng popular among children under 10 years
4. Food favirote Young Saeng hate fried chicken and seafood,favorite drink healthy drinks like lemon juice, and sports mminumanhate ma n soft drinks.
5. Young Saeng 3 wishes: 1. rich 2. SS501 and he becamefamous throughout the world 3. Able to think more carefully
6. Young Saeng been dating the same cew 3 years older than him.
7. He's really like to take her own picture (narsis)
8. Young Saeng had a habit of biting her lips and stuck out her tongue
9. Young Saeng favorite artist is steveland, and Yoshiki
10. Young Saeng like to be stereotyped,
11. Young Saeng was very concerned about her appearance, especially her hair
12. Young Saeng is an expert in love, but he does not understandgirls. And if he has fallen in love then he will know everything
13. He will look on camera if larii ugly appearance
14. If highlighted when I wake up he'll run to the toilet then wear a hatso that her hair is not kliatan.
15. He's often really with Kyu Jong and Hyun Joong, gets confusedwhich one couple in SS501 Young Saeng.

16. On room with Hyung Joon when at the SS501's dorm
17. He is fans of TaeYeon (SNSD)



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