Saturday, June 2, 2012

Heo Young Saeng 3 Questions & 3 Answers

Q: Hello! (You) make a comeback after missing a year! ^ ^ How did you spend it? 

A: It was exactly one year. After the promotion of 'Let It Go' was over, Fanclub Changdansik held in Japan, I became the lead actor in a musical at the end of last year, a different feeling than a singer, is also very interesting. Now I look at a sitcom. Will play baseball and basketball with friends and hyung when there is free time. Really take long to prepare this album ^ ^ 

Q: I hear Heo Young Saeng write their own song 'Crying'. A very nice gift to fans who waited so long ~ Please personally introduce this song! ^ ^ 

A: The more you listen to 'Crying' better voice, gave me a different feeling every time I hear it. Shows the heart of a lonely man who lost the love and memories. (Are you) happy with the SOLO like this? This is the first time I tried to track R & B since I started a solo activity, not a new experience for listeners as well? 

Q: I know there are a lot of attention will this mini album title song ~ Besides, what tracks would you recommend to fans? 

A: I can not recommend just one song ... all three songs should be recommended! 'Intimidated' is a song that I hope to be a song title, I want to try a style like this, highly recommend this charismatic song. 'Maria' seems to be a song that fans love. 'Hello Mello' is really a song that could bring fans and me together as one, could be fun to spend time with fans, really want to sing together just once!

Source: Korea official site



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