Sunday, June 10, 2012

Heo Young Saeng Shared His Dislikes For Cars

SS501 past member solo singer Heo Young Saeng may seem cold and aloof and unfriendly. But he is a deep and thoughtful man. Examples of that abound through his seven years of working in the music industry.

He recently shared in an interview with a Korean media when he was asked what he wants to buy the most, he answered, "a car?" Men usually want to buy a car once they start working, but considering his success, it's odd that he still doesn't one.

"A lot of times, people would give me rides. I actually bought a car not long ago, but ever since I hurt my hand, I stopped driving. I sold my car a while ago."

Continuning, "I realized I didn't really need a car. I was hurt and was too busy to get one. I don't even like going to places too far. I'll get rides from friends, and when I drink I don't want to drive. That's how I lost interest in getting a new car."

"I'm most worried about driving after drinking. If I take my car, I can't enjoy a night out, or I'll make a stupid decision and let myself drive."

He has released his second mini-album ‘SOLO’ after a year and his title song ‘Crying’ portrays him as a sensitive man which allowed him to make a comeback as a singer.

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