Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[EPOP interview] Kim Hyun Joong, The 4D Prince!

EPOP: What kind of ideal type of family?

KHJ: ideal type of family is ... must have a wife! (Epop: no one else? Only a wife?) Yes, of course, only one ~ and also two daughters and two sons, I want them to grow in the countryside!

EPOP: What type of wife?

KHJ: Good heart, dear to me and our children ~ Must be beautiful, tall and slim, I hope he believed the girl, but not from Seoul ~ (Epop: in this case, fans in Seoul will be very sad ~) Jeju Island is not bad, I want to spend my retirement in Jeju ~ (Epop: you know speak a dialect of Jeju) Like this? (Epop: hyun joong Jeju dialect accent!)

EPOP: If you were granted a super power, what power do you want to have?

KHJ: I thought, I want to have a strength that allows me to teleport quickly! (Epop: Where do you want berteleportasi?) I often think of it, to be honest, I really want to visit the coffin Bank Korea ~ I will not steal, just wanted to go to see it ~ Another thing I want to do, is to visit the UFO banned in the U.S., is not there such a place in America? If you can teleport, I wanted to visit there. (Epop: Last, other places that want you to go) As you know, the place where he wanted to go there ~ ~ (Epop: I think the place you want to visit a man is ... a forbidden man en ...) Maybe it's not that, There Beauty Salon, or even a manicure salon ~

EPOP: Although it's a job that you like, but, still, you're a human being, there are definitely times where you feel so depressed?

KHJ: Of course there are a lot of pressure, I feel depressed during the preparation of Asia Tour, the stress of filming the drama as well. However, I would not accidentally hit myself, because it's not something that can only go as you wish. I will tolerate until the last moment on stage, and that's when I'll feel your best while filming scenes ~ also the last of the drama, there will be no stress, I will begin to relax ~ (epop: you must be very happy at that time?) True, very happy, I will work as well, but not bothersome, but because I, Kim Hyun Joong as a celebrity, there is no necessity for the management body.

EPOP: What do you think the charm that you have?

KHJ: There must be a charm I did not know, I also reflect on what kehebatanku ~ (epop: is there a thing where when you look at the mirror, and think "I'm really good looking"), of course, but when I come home and look in the mirror without make-up, I felt very awkward ... Just like women, women are more confident with make-up, probably because I work as an artist, I also feel more confident with make-up. (Epop: last part of the body, do you think the most beautiful) I like my eyes!

EPOP: the happiest moment that you experienced recently?

KHJ: When the most recent happy is when I go to Japan ~ I was detained at the airport, because before I always use a visa for the purpose of the show. At that time, I use a travel visa to Japan, and I was detained at the airport for an hour, I was very happy when they released me ~ (epop: why do you hold) Because I always use a visa artist ~ (epop: popularitasmu high as in Japan, so they think you're going to perform in Japan, but you use a travel visa for check-in) Yup! Therefore, after being held up in an hour, I was very happy when I was released ~ (epop: What are you thinking about for an hour on hold) At that time, they kept saying, if you perform in Japan, you will be arrested, of course I do not happy about it, but because it also, I was released, and I'm in a good mood! (Epop: past, there was no pressure right?) Yes, I was really depressed at that time!

EPOP: What are your plans in the future?

KHJ: I still want to see all people as a singer, I also want to continue to show more and interact with my fans ~

EPOP: If only the remaining 24 hours to live, what would you do?

KHJ: If only the remaining 24 hours, I had no choice to do anything, I just want to have dinner with my family, and pray to the Lord, let me into heaven! (Epop: Aigoo, it's an honest answer! Hehe)

EPOP: Your partner on the way to a UFO?

KHJ: Although I do not have anyone right now, but I guess I wanted to go with a girl that I like later ~ (epop: if she was afraid, and do not want to go with you) I will not tell him first, immediately go together!

EPOP: You've visited Taiwan several times, do you have friends Taiwan?

KHJ: Unfortunately, I do not have friends in Taiwan ~ but I'd like to meet the players 'Boys Over Flowers' version of the Taiwan ~



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