Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong album "Meet Me Again" release was delayed on July 18

B2M Tweets 07.09.12

[@b2ment] Kim KyuJong: mini album to be released on 13th is being sold at high prices in local and overseas websites. When the 3,000 limited edition with numberings has been sold out, you will be able to purchase normal editions too. We hope you won't purchase it via those vendors selling at higher prices.

[@b2ment] Kim KyuJong: difference between limited 3,000 copies edition and normal edition is just the numbering. All other specifications are the same.

[@b2ment] Kim KyuJong 2nd mini album [meet me again] release date has been changed to 18july, release in online and offline stores. 18-jul (wed) release in both online and offline stores!



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