Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Park Jung Min came up with another character "ROMEO"

Korean group SS501 Park Jung Min (25 years) made ​​its debut in Japan as a newcomer singer ROMEO, and held a "ROMEO 1st CONTACT" on July 12 in Tokyo.

Jung Min, with the help of Japan's two creative directors, completed the first single "Give Me Your Heart", which will release the name ROMEO 5 September.

ROMEO sang his first single "Tonight's the Night" (to be released October 31) before 444 fans who won the lottery and buy a platinum ticket. Unlike the usual Min Jung, ROMEO wearing a black jacket and sassy. His appearance attracted all audiences.

ROMEO was designed to characterize the unconscious Jung Min, who wakes up in bed when Jung Min.

After ROMEO appear, Jung Min appeared wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans, and greeted with the Japanese language fluently "I hear someone imitate Jung Min, (that's why) I came here". "Even though I wanted to see ROMEO, I feel very sleepy and slept in the car" he said sadly. "ROMEO gone? It's impossible. Please do not be fooled because he differed with Park Jung Min. Although he looks like Jung Min, her heavy makeup!" He added with a laugh.



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