Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kangin reward KyuJong watches

Kangin (Super Junior) said in an interview with JPNews KyuJong. Kangin will play himself in the musical as Prince Shin Goong (last year played KyuJong). Kangin KyuJong presented their watches and got a call to talk to each other mutual support. According to Kangin, watches are items that must be brought draftee, possibly because Kangin was first draftee so much to know hehehe ....

The following snippet of the interview:

Kangin: I also received a call from KyuJong before he was conscripted. "KyuJong: Hyung, I hear you participate in the musical Goong? It would be great if we could do together." Although it is unfortunate but he's still encouraging. I also gave KyuJong a wristwatch. Because watches are mandatory items in the military ... Through this work I received help from many people.

Source: JPNews



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