Friday, February 22, 2013

Kim Kyu Jong Birthday Event

Hello. This is person-in-charge of ThanKYU.

It’s going to be 24-Feb which is Kim KyuJong’s birthday right?

Seeing KyuJong can’t be near his fans, won’t his birthday be lonely?
We’re worried about this.

How was the KyuJong’s handwritten letter event last year?

We’ll have a similar event like last year for this year too!

We will have an event which reflects 100% of KyuJong’s suggestion!

From today this moment onward! Until KyuJong’s birthday 24-Feb at 11.59pm

Please leave your message with the subject tag [ 행복 ]

In the official homepage’s freeboard / ThanKYU official homepage board ^^

It can be poem, or essay…all is good but please remember!! It must be an original work!.

KyuJong will read through all the messages posted and send a handwritten message to 13 of you^^

This was KyuJong’s suggestion who shares beautiful things with all.

Please participate lots in this heart-warming birthday event.

We will also be sending polaroid! Together (with the reply) which we’ve hidden during this period^^ 

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