Saturday, May 18, 2013

SS501 want to reunite again like ShinHwa?

SS501‘s Heo Young Saeng gave hope to fans with his wish to possibly reunite like the longest-running idol group Shinhwa.
During a recent filming for KBS2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, Heo Young Saeng revealed he’s been thinking a lot about his group SS501 these days with the pending comeback of Shinhwa. He shared, “When I look at Shinhwa, who continues to gain popularity without breaking up over the past 15 years, it makes me reflect [on my own group].”
“After watching Shinhwa on ‘Win Win‘, I thought of my SS501 members and sent text messages to them. The other members were also watching that broadcast with the same heart,” revealing the members’ special bond that they’ve gained throughout their years together.
Is a possible reunion in store? Tune in to see what Heo Young has to say about SS501 on May 16 at 11:15 PM KST.



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