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SS501 (Double S Five O One/ Double S Oh Gong Il)

SS501 is a popular boyband from Korea who was managed by DSP Entertainment.This boy band's name has a combination of numbers and letters that have meaning, the letter 'S' first meaning 'Super', 'S' which both mean 'Star'. Number '501 'refers to the number of members 5, 0 and 1 means a single.So, SS501 can be interpreted 5 Super Star which merge into one.SS501 has a fan club called 'TRIPLE S'.
SS501 debuted on June 8, 2005 with their first single 'Warning', the second single "Snow Prince" released in late 2005. The group is active in Korea for most of 2006, although they hold a fan
meeting in Japan in April. In mid 2006, they held their first concert, "Step Up Concert" in Osaka, Japan. In late 2006, they returned to Korea in order to promote their debut album, released on 10 November. Singles from the
album included "Unlock" and "Four Chance". In addition to promoting the album on various variety and music shows, they also filmed a show on MNet called SOS. On their 600th day (January 28, 2007), they won an award from SBS INKI Mutizen GAYO for their song "Four Chance".
Entering JapanThen in 2007, the group debuted in the Japanese market. A Japanese fanclub has been established with the name "Triple S Japan"; it officially debuted on March 25, 2007, when SS501 had their first official meeting with the group. In Korea, a member of their fan club numbering about 41 700. This group has a Japanese single "Kokoro", which has several versions, including one with all members and five others featuring the members individually. Single debuted at # 5 diOricon chart, and jumped to # 3 the next day. A full album was released this year.Comeback to KoreaIn 2008, SS501 returned to Korea with the single 'Deja Vu' was released on March 8, 2008. The title track is the first song to be promoted, and they began their comeback on music channel M. Net 's M Countdown. After success with their single "Deja Vu", they began promoting their second single, "A Song Calling For You".They performed their farewell Stage on Music Bank on June 6, 2008, to return to Japanese activities.
Boys Over FlowersOn October 2, 2008, an official announcement confirmed Hyun Joong as part of a player for the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, also known as Boys Over Flowers, which is scheduled to be broadcast via KBS 2TV in the first half of 2009 with a total of 25 episodes. According to an official from Group Eight, the production house in charge of the drama, Kim Hyun Joong selected to play Hanazawa Rui, or Yoon Ji Hoo (Korean ver.). He was an only child with no interest will be selected for each audition. After the show, get the fans even more SS501 and Triple S began to form and grow, both in Korea and abroad.
SubgroupBecause the two 'busy schedules of members, performing in a production JungMin Korea of ​​"musical Grease" and Hyun Joong film Boys Over Flowers, SS501's album, originally to be released in late 2008, was pushed back until July 2009. Conversely, a subgroup SS501 was formed. They originally wanted to use Triple S as their group name, but gave up the idea because they think they are 5 members always as 1 no matter what, so they continue to release a special project album UR Man (released on November 25, 2008) under the name SS501 .Three (members of the subgroup) also has a cameo in the fourth episode of Boys Over Flowers as a viewer at the club, singing "Ur Man". Finishing their promotional activities for 'Ur Man', they go to promoting 'Because I'm Stupid', they sing the song for OST of "Boys Over Flower '. Song is very good because of the success of the drama received. They won the Song" moon (February) "award with this song on 32 Cyworld Digital Music Award (March 28, 09) with around 110,000 downloads for BGM in www.cyworld.com.
Japan 2 AlbumThey released their second official album Japan on May 13, 2009 titled "All My Love". They held a "Warning Selling all my love SS501 Hand Shake Sessions' on May 17, TFT Hall in Tokyo in 7000 which was attended by fans.
1st Asia Tour PersonaThe original group, with all five members, cameback in August 2009. They began their first Asia Tour of Aug'09, which includes countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong etc. Two Asia Tour Concert has been done, August 1 & August 2 and August 13 in Seoul (01: 00 & 07:00) in Tokyo. SS501 fanmeeting held in Taiwan on 28 Jun and Hong Kong on August 1 before their Asia Tour.



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