Monday, June 18, 2012


Although five of them have their own power to perform solo, but they were so excited when together. SS501 coming out with a natural charm through conversations with them.

SS501 charm is truly awesome! When this interview took place, basement recording studio filled with fans. Introduction to food even thought there was a concert band from Taiwan "Mayday". When SS501 completed the promotional event and go to the airport. Kim Hyun-Joong clothes nearly off. "We never thought this many fans there and we were also somewhat surprised by the sight of people exiting and spirit of the Taiwan fans. But we are very pleased. "On behalf of the team, leader Kim Hyun-Joong said about the fans Taiwan.

If it is very normal to have a rumor or idol group conflict. Although the members of SS501 are always issued 'breaking news' about each member, but we will still feel the unity and spirit of the five members.

They were asked about their first impressions of each member.

  • Jung-Min = Hyung-Joon is a grim young man
  • Joong Hyun-Kyu-Jong = very little talk and he is not too high
  • Hyung-Joon Hyun-Joong always = 4D, but he's very manly and often treat our
  • Kyu-Jong = I remember when I first came Young-Saeng, he was dressed all in white and very talented in singing
  • Young-Saeng = Although Jung-Min is very funny, he's a very caring and knows how to keep other people.

The theme for the 7-Watch is now on retoran and food. Xiao Long Bao, fried rice and bubble tea from Taiwan is very memorable for the SS501. Young-Saeng said "I do not have a special feeling when I first visited Taiwan in addition to plenty of food here is very suited to my taste."
SS501 recommend foods that are famous in Korea. Kim Hyun-Joong and highly recommend the BBQ at the Jeonju Bibimbap. "The most I like best is the pork belly!" (Kim Hyun-joong has a fried chicken shop)
Jung-Min is faforit Jigae Kimchi (soup) and chicken ginseng. "Although it is now summer, but the Korean people believe in 'using the heat to dissipate heat', I hope it can also feel in the summer Jigae Kimchi"



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