Saturday, August 11, 2012

Management Reject Demands of Park Jungmin

CASE contracts involving personnel SS501, Park Jung Min and management of the shelter, CNR Media, continue to roll.

And 9 August, the CNR and their attorneys HwaWoo refuse to pay what the artist wants.

According to them, during 2011 total earnings management by 1.1 billion won and 400 million won of them to pay the initial contract Park Jungmin.

Also mentioned, early in 2011 they had to pay Park Jung Min of 150 million won. Park Jungmin declared himself eligible for 80 percent of total corporate revenue, or about 700 million won. According to the CNR that they could not accept.

"It demands too much. The request was simply to stop the contract. Though Park Jung Min also filed a lawsuit against the management by reason of the payment that is not fair. Because what he is asking not match what (should) be paid ".

According HwaWoo, in this condition is the artist who happens to charge too high, demanding termination of the contract without wanting further discussion with the company, and has done its own activities (excluding management).

"We have the supporting documents," explains HwaWoo as reported

CNR also explains what is told in the media Park Jung Min is very different.

"(She like said) He's only worked, but did not receive the money."

That's according to CNR is very detrimental to the company. Park Jungmin signed a three-year contract starting from October 2011 and filed April 2012. Until this news was revealed there has been no statement of objections from the Park Jung Min.



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